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Adirondack Chair

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Here are pictures of the matching cedar chairs before the finish is applied.

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These are the matching foot stools for the chair set.

The set was completed with a UV protected semi-clear cedar finish.


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Above Left - Ready for the trip.

Above Right - Grandma and Grandpa with the chairs .... Not bad for a couple of 87 year olds.   I think they had as much fun as I did getting these ready.

Now add a matching table to these chairs.  It is 25.5" long, 13.5" wide and 22.25" tall.

It matches the arm height of the above chairs and reaches from the end of the arm to the back of the matching chair.

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Early 2002 a pair of chairs were made from Cedar of Lebanon wood.  The same finish resulted in a much lighter color.  This was a fun wood to work with.

The end result is a heavier chair and hopefully a long lasting chair.

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In this group setting, you see a pair of   chairs with matching stools and a 4' bench.

Now lets look at the latest version of this chair.  It's made of Dark Red Meranti .... common name Philippine Mahogany.

A pair are wedding presents.

In the next picture you can see the difference in the two designs

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CandCweb.jpg (68776 bytes) The wedding present delivered.


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