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Bedroom Furniture


With a background in case goods manufacturing, it was easy to accept this challenge.  My son wanted a pair of nightstands. NST001ab.jpg (320307 bytes)
NST007ab.jpg (80170 bytes) First, it was decided to match other bedroom furniture in pattern and finish.
Birch was chosen as the wood.  I used 3/4" birch ply, banded with 4/4" solid birch for drawer fronts, kick boards and accents.  Drawers were made from 9 ply 1/2" baltic birch and 1/8" luan ply bottoms. NST006ab.jpg (283203 bytes)
NST003ab.jpg (193695 bytes) The finished project.

It measures 18" deep, 20" wide and 22" high.


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