October 25, 1995


December 26, 2006

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I'm five years old and live with my parents in Oregon.

I have a friend Rocky and we visit as often as we can.

My favorite games are fetch and Soccer. 
My grandma and grandpa live a few blocks from us and Mom and I spend lots of time there each day.  Grandpa is my special buddy.

This is Grandma, Peter and Grandpa

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AylaBrig.jpg (81669 bytes) I have two sisters and two brothers.  My oldest sister has a daughter named Ayla who is in the 8th grade.  My other sister got married this last summer.
My two brothers are my buddies,  I love Pete.  Dad says it's a bad case of raging hormones, what ever that is.  All I know is I love to follow Pete around and when he leaves, I'm in deep depression and often times I sit at the window and howl PETBRDG2.jpg (53176 bytes)
BrigTrk1.jpg (72024 bytes) I love to travel, especially in Dad's big truck .... see me at the wheel.
I love to chase the vacuum cleaner and bark at it.
Dad says I'm his big helper in the garden.
Our beloved Bridget Passed away on December 26, 2006.  Our hearts are sad at her passing, but overjoyed at the time we spent together.



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