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Sewing Room Furniture
Our Line Has Become Three Lines

Major Sewing Room Cabinets

While initially designed as a Birch set, it is only available in Red Oak with four stains.  These are; white wash, natural, golden oak and walnut.  Our decision was made to provide the best beauty while maintaining the "All Wood" feature of our work.

My wife wanted a new sewing center and this is the first piece in the project. 

It is 48 inches wide by 22 inches deep with an additional 22 inches depth when you setup the drop leaf.  It stands 29 inches tall.  A sewing machine head elevator is used which has 3 positions; as shown for storage of the machine, normal working position and free arm.  A clear plastic insert is available to fit around the sewing head in the normal position (see below).  A plug is included so when not ssewing, you will have a smooth working surface.

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The second piece is the Cutting Table which measures (folded) 29 inches wide by 40 inches deep and 36 inches tall. 

When opened up, it measures 72 inches wide by 40 inches deep by 36 inches tall.

Coming in July 2003

The third piece is the Four drawer companion to the sewing cabinet.

It was designed to fit under the drop leaf of the sewing cabinet

Coming in September 2003
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This is a view of the back side of the cabinet with the leaf and supports extended.  It leaves a space large enough for the next piece in this set, a four drawer chest on casters.

The dimensions of the opening are 23.5" deep, by 45.5" wide and 27.0" high. 

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The finished product.

Measures 48" wide, 22" deep plus an additional 22" for the leaf and 29" high.

The sewing head rests on a platform with three settings.  With the sewing head at the bottom, there is a plug for the top the fits into the rabbited opening.

MovingIn01.jpg (43771 bytes) Birch was chosen as the wood.  I used 3/4" birch ply,  4/4 solid birch for drawer fronts and accents.  Drawers were made from 9 ply 1/2" baltic birch and 1/8" Luan ply bottoms. 

Top is covered with a wood grain Formica and banded with Oak Molding.

Finish is a white wash stain with three coats of hand rubbed water based polyurethane finish.  The Oak trim was sealed with sanding sealer and finished with the same as the other wood.

15 Cubed Line of Cabinets
This line of Craft Cabinets was designed to be a storage center for your supplies of notions.  This cabinet was designed to be used either on a counter top or stacked on a roller base.
The primary piece of the set is the 6 drawer unit.  It has five 2" drawers ( 1-3/4" deep by13" wide) and one 3-1/2" deep drawer. 15Qside01.jpg (2831 bytes)
15Qfrontopen.jpg (4719 bytes) 15Qside01open.jpg (2651 bytes)
The second piece is a one drawer cabinet with a storage area under the drawer.  The storage area is 11-1/4" tall by 14-1/2" wide by 14" deep and has a door. Coming June 20, 2003
The third piece is a one drawer cabinet with a magazine or binder area under the drawer.  The storage area is 11-1/4" tall by 14-1/2" wide by 14" deep. Coming in late June 2003
The fourth piece is the Roller Base.  It has four alloy bodied locking Sheperd Casters. 15Qrollerbase.jpg (2318 bytes)
The fifth piece is the Cube Stacker bracket.   This allows the cubes to be stacked and not slide off the cube below. 15Qstacker.jpg (6512 bytes)
Optional pieces include the Drawer insert to keep spools of thread from rolling around in the drawer.
10 Inch Counter Top Cabinets
This cabinet is designed to store small objects.  Drawer inserts are being designed to compartmentalize the drawer space.  There are small canisters available that can also be used for storage of very small pieces, such as needles, presser feet, thimbles, etc.
It has 6 drawers measuring 9-3/4" by 7-5/16" by 1-1/8".  The drawer bottom doubles as the drawer pull.   It is constructed of Baltic Birch plywood with tempered hardboard for the drawer bottoms and drawer glides. 10sideopendrwr.jpg (3067 bytes)
The design includes the ability to stack several of these cabinets with added safety from the interlocking accessories available when the cabinet is ordered.
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