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Used Cedar Planters


This is a Planter and Bench combination.

The Planters are 25" square and 15.5" tall.

The Bench is 60" long, 22" deep and 3" thick.  Added to the planters the overall height is 18.5".

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The Planters have a depth of 12.75" and inside demensions of 20" X 20" allowing for many plants, or multiple potted plants, if desired.

The wood is primarily used cedar siding.

This is cleaned up and milled to the needed size.

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The Bench has been tested to over 500 lbs.

During this test, there was no noticable give to indicate potential failure.

The potential Planter and Bench combinations are limitless.   Because of the strength designed into the planters and benches, one could connect a whole series of these together.

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This is a finished 5 piece planter bench. 5pcBnchPltr01a.jpg (58640 bytes)
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This series of planters uses a limited supply of seasoned used cedar.

The wood has been sealed before and is selected for quality, then sawn on the top and sides for a clean surface.

All pieces are attached with treated decking screws.

Dimensions of this planter are 23" Wide by 23" Deep by 19" high.


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